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Elf Moto 4 Race 10w-60 1ltr (Fully Synthetic)

EUR 7.99

MOTO 4 RACE is conceived for highly sports conditions. Its very high quality formula will take you past your limits and boost performance of your engine

ELF MOTO4 RACE 10W-60 is a lubricant that is particularly recommended for all types of high-performance 4-stroke engine motorcycles, in compliance with the API SL and JASO MA2 international standards.

ELF MOTO4 RACE 10W-60 meets the requirements of 4-stroke catalytic converters. The manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals and the required minimum viscosities must be complied with.

The use of ELF MOTO4 RACE 10W-60 for competition requires more frequent oil changes. ELF MOTO4 RACE 10W-60’s composition is perfectly compatible with lead-free fuels.

ELF MOTO4 RACE 10W-60 has successfully undergone severe testing in competition. For many years Elf has led the field in terms of expertise and innovation in tribology on the international circuits, its know-how guaranteeing the superior quality of ELF MOTO4 RACE 10W-60. The formula complies with international specifications.

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