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Race Fuels

Posted by Morrison Bhp on September 11, 2016 at 5:10 PM


We offen get asked about race fuel so here is some basic facts you may not know, from time to time we do supply it  when it comes our way at the right price. The question we get asked most "is it any good" the answer is yes, if you have a race bike built & tuned for race fuels 110 octane rating, if not your only wasting your money. A few simple points below that might shed a bit of light on using race fuel on a standard motor.

The race fuel we sell is ELF 110 octane, fuel you buy in a petrol station is 95 octane, the higher the octane level does not mean your going to get more horse power from your standard motor in fact you could lose a few horses or the bike might just run like crap.

Octane is not what causes the power but octane is the resistance to detonation, the highter the octane in the fuel the slower it burns the piston could still be at the bottom and the fuel still burning, the lower the octane the better

Another question that comes our way is octane boosters, you might of seen octane boosters with big labels of 4% octane gain, none of these would give you that kind of gain from 250ml bottle of booster, but what they mean is your pump fuel of 95 octane will now be 95.4 octane. We have two types of boosters in stock that we will be on our site soon, after alot of homework these are the two best in our option on the market with some real gain.

If you need any in dept info on race fuels please do drop us message, if we dont know we'll find out from the people who do.


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Reply you are retarded
2:00 PM on December 15, 2016 
if higher octane is worse than 95 from petrol stations like you said above you langer , you said ther lower the better you sham, lol lol you sell 110 and the lower octane is better says yourself so im better getting filled up at the local tobas . We are gooing to destroy you , we have a shop already something you could never do and the fact you ain't sponsoring any more or for delivery is a proof th\at you are doing shit our shop is killing you and your cunt of a gf
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