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Oil's, Oil's, Oil's But What's the Difference

Posted by Morrison Bhp on June 24, 2015 at 7:55 AM

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We offer many brands of oil, below I pick three semi synthetics and three fully sythetics and give some details and facts on that product.


If there is one thing we know its oils, bit of a strange oil obsession going on here.


I'll try not make this to technical but give you some info on the brands and types to make your next oil choice a more informed one, but one thing you need to know is the different oil base stocks below.


Group I - normally processed mineral oil.

Group II, II+ & III - hydroprocessed mineral oils.

Group IV - PAO - polyalphaolefin made from ethylene gas.

Group V - Esters made

Note group IV & V are what makes a full synthetic oil, ester being the best.




                                                                                                                    Semi Synthetic


Valvoline Dura Blend (Semi Synthetic)

Whats so great about this oil, Valvoline Dura Blend contains 30% synthetic base oil in the blending of the product.

Valvoline actually uses a unique mixture of Group III, IV and V base oil stocks for synthetic base oils, in other words this is quality stuff.

Good price to at €36.99 for 4litres Inc filter



ELF Moto 4 Road (Semi Synthetic)

ELF is one of the biggest oil companies in the world, this oil is a great mix a good rock soild part synthetic oil and at only €34.99 bargain. (inc filter)



Motul 5100 (Semi Synthetic)

This is my favorite of the part synthetic oils because its ester based. Ester is the best oil base stock available, used in jet engines.

Ester leaves a film on surfaces providing a thin protective film which is better for morning & cold start ups. Over all better film strength so it takes a lot longer for the oil to drain off metals and bearings, this prolongs your bikes engine life.

Wort the extra few Euro's IOM at €44.99 for a 5litre drum



                                                                                                                     Fully Synthetic

Motul 300V Road Racing 100% Synthetic

This is prob the highest grade and best oil on the market its used in alot of the Moto Gp bikes even tho the bikes are sponsored by other oil brands. Lubricant for race bikes "100% synthetic – Double Ester" that says it all. Alot of the road racers we supply would opt for this one.

Quality  comes at a price €69.99 4litre inc K&N oil filter



Ipone R4000RS (Fully Synthetic Ester Based )

Ipone might not be a name of an oil you would of offen heard of, they are French just like Motul and use Motul oil base stocks. They mainly only make oils for bikes and are the main suppliers of oil & lubes to the Moto Gp Red Bull Rookies class. There oils are of a high grade & are one of few manufacturers  that make 100% synthetic oils. This R4000RS again just like the the Motul 5100 above, it is ester based but this being a fully synthetic.

Great price for a fully synthetic oil of this qualty €49.99 4ltre.



Valvoline SynPower (Fully Synthetic)

Valvoline is a huge brand in the US but not a lot of it floating around this side of the world. Again nothing fancy with this, its just a good soild oil but if your in need of a fully synthetic oil at a good price you wont go far wrong with Valvoline at €47.99 4litres. inc oil filter




You might be wondering why didnt Castrol feature on the list or why dont we sell it, info here -


The above is just a little insight into some of the oils we carry.

If you need any info on any of our oils just drop us an email.



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