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Race Support

Posted by Morrison Bhp on July 7, 2020 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (4)

                                                                                                            Race Support Program



Our race support program has been in operation for a number of years, being invite only to mainly friends and good customers that we have built up a relationship with. We were looking to pay back for there continued custom by adding a better service or a go to guy for that particular part or service item that they may of needed in a hurry, as we all know as the race season starts the races come quick and fast and the last thing you need is to be waiting on an item thats been on “backorder” or something promised to be delivered on a Friday with you racing that weekend or oil coming from one place and a chain from another as the one shop may not carry all the brands you prefer to use.


Customers of ours be it the club men rider, small road race team or an international team we have them all in our program already, so basically in a nut shell for your continued support in buying your race consumables likes of oils, filters etc from us, after a quick constellation with us to find out your race product needs & being granted in to our race program we will open a shelf in our store room for your rider/team with the products and parts you need most, always at hand and no waiting and wondering has the shop even ordered the bits yet.


For example looking at a shelf we have for a lad racing a full season in the Mondello Masters

We have a list of what he asked us to stock for him on his shelf, filters, oils, spark plugs, he’s preferred choice in fork oils, brake fluid, levers & rearset parts etc but this guy likes to use Versh GPFAX brake pads on the front so we have one set on the shelf just for him a product we wouldn't normally stock but we made it our business to have them in and as soon as there ordered by that rider we re-order in another set for that riders shelf.


To get involved there is a couple of terms, email us at sales@morrisonbhp.net with “race program” and just let us know you are interested we will come back with a couple of questions, we only offer this to riders and teams who do a full seasons racing and pending type parts and service items you might use to see if we can be a help to one another.



Items are also offered at a discounted price to members of the program.

Only thing we don't do is tyre’s.

Everyone's welcome from classic’s to superbikes.


Thank you

Morrison Bhp



24 Hour Sale Item

Posted by Morrison Bhp on March 1, 2018 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (84)

Our 24 Hour Sale Item offer is back for a limited number of weeks.

Each & every Thursday from 8pm to Friday 8pm there will be a prouduct on offer with up to 50% off.

Offer is for 24 hours only stock pending once it's gone, it's gone.

Item on offer is available to view on the homepage of our webstore or by checking out our facebook page

Q&A - Fork Oil Enquiry

Posted by Morrison Bhp on April 9, 2017 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (2)

The start of this season we had a couple of enquiries on fork oil. To most, fork oil is just fork oil for road bike use that maybe true, yes 10w fork oil and off you go, but when it comes to racing its not all that clear cut (in our book anyway).

I'm not going to go into rebounds, setups etc in this Blog, this is just on the characteristics of the oil, something I feel is over looked and facts on the subject that many wouldn't know about. Here are some facts on the matter that may help you get your bike handling great and help you understand your forks a bit more.

First of all fork oil weight.

You will see different fork oil weights such as 5w, 7.5w, 10w, 15w and 20w, but do not think all brands are the same when it comes to weight. Each manufacturer seems to be on a different scale. For example Silkolene Pro RSF 7.5w is actually heavier than Showa SS-8 10w. This is not a judgement on the quailty of the oil but more of how you can be lead down the wrong road with your set up. The scale on the fork oil weight differ from brand to brand they seem to have there own idea on weights with fork oil. Best to find which brand and weight suits you and stick to that.

Synthetic or mineral?

Again for racing it has to be synthetic but before you rush out to buy some here and some benefits of synthetic and what to look out for.

When picking a synthetic fork oil you should only consider fully synthetic. Most brands will state full synthetic but will only be a blend of syn & mineral oil, not good enough in our book or more of leading the consumer down the wrong road. What you need is fork oil that is 100% synthetic or Ester based. They will have this clearly stated on the front of the bottle and these will only be a few euro more so why not.

100% synthetic or Ester oil will be a major benefit! It has more consistent damping over temperature changes and it will hold it's viscosity much longer than normal fork oil. Standard fork oil or ones not 100% syn will start to shear down in viscosity as they heat up.

We do sell two top types of fork oil that we resceached with our knowledge on the subject.

Ipone 100% Synthetic http://www.morrisonbhp.net/apps/webstore/products/show/4492191

Silkolene RSF http://www.morrisonbhp.net/apps/webstore/products/show/7430430

High Performance Clutches

Posted by Morrison Bhp on September 18, 2016 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Just a little bit on clutch kits and on the high performance kits we sell.


We stock Surflex & Barnett performance kits both are made up with kevlar and carbon clutch fibers, main advantage of a clutch like this is it gives better grip than an OEM clutch which will tranfer the motors power to the rear wheel better.


The Barnett being the clutch we like to supply for more high powered race bikes (130hp+) the Barnett kit comes supplied with a set of springs.

These springs are quite stiff, making your clutch lever stiffer causing the lever snap back faster engaging your clutch faster & harder, great for them off the line starts.



The Surflex is also a race type clutch kit, it will grip a lot better than OEM but are not supplied with springs, this kit is perfect for normal road use aswell as race use.

Problem with a OEM clutch is if it slips they tend to glaze were as kevlar and carbon kits won't glaze.


Just like tyres, race tyres will wear faster that normal road tyres, the same goes for race clutches they grip alot more thus having more wear, best to skip wheelies & burn outs to extended the clutch life.

We have sold a number of both of these kits to racers and race teams here in Ireland also in the UK with a number of seasons down these kits are still going strong at the hightest level.


Our clutch kits can be found HERE



Race Fuels

Posted by Morrison Bhp on September 11, 2016 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (1)


We offen get asked about race fuel so here is some basic facts you may not know, from time to time we do supply it  when it comes our way at the right price. The question we get asked most "is it any good" the answer is yes, if you have a race bike built & tuned for race fuels 110 octane rating, if not your only wasting your money. A few simple points below that might shed a bit of light on using race fuel on a standard motor.

The race fuel we sell is ELF 110 octane, fuel you buy in a petrol station is 95 octane, the higher the octane level does not mean your going to get more horse power from your standard motor in fact you could lose a few horses or the bike might just run like crap.

Octane is not what causes the power but octane is the resistance to detonation, the highter the octane in the fuel the slower it burns the piston could still be at the bottom and the fuel still burning, the lower the octane the better

Another question that comes our way is octane boosters, you might of seen octane boosters with big labels of 4% octane gain, none of these would give you that kind of gain from 250ml bottle of booster, but what they mean is your pump fuel of 95 octane will now be 95.4 octane. We have two types of boosters in stock that we will be on our site soon, after alot of homework these are the two best in our option on the market with some real gain.

If you need any in dept info on race fuels please do drop us message, if we dont know we'll find out from the people who do.


Shido Lithium Batteries.

Posted by Morrison Bhp on December 23, 2015 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (2)

 photo shido_zpsdezpdrep.png

One thing we know well is lithium ion batteries.

lithium ion batteries are only just becoming populer with bikers, you wouldn't dear buy a cordless drill these days unless it came with a lithium battery.

We are big fans, they hold the charge alot longer, lighter more cracking amps.


But before you rush out to buy one, lithium batteries are quite expensive compared to your normal acid type.

A few words of warning, theres alot of shite lithium batts after coming on the market so be carefull with your money, buy a known brand like Shido (ya there the ones we sell :))

A lot of these cheaper brands will also call for the you to buy that brands own charger, well they recommend a low amp charger because the internal balancing electronics that they use in there batts are set up for a low current charge but thats all in the small print.

If you use a normal charger the balancing will be off and the battery will be shagged in no time, they are re-banded generic Chinese batteries so do your homework.


What can you expect from a good lithium battery, Shido our main brand is at the highter end and below is the reason why, if a lithium battery you are looking to buy is not up to this spec chances are its  rebanded from China.


-Can last up to 10 years


-Will charge up to 75% in just 6 minutes


-Cranking power 50% higher than equivalent lead acid batteries.


-Up to 75% lighter than conventional batteries - With a weight saving of around 2kg on an average superbike


-The battery is the same size and shape as the OE battery so that it fits directly into the same space with the same electrical connectors and bolts

- Works with a normal 12v charger.

Our Shido battery section -> http://www.morrisonbhp.net/apps/webstore/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&sort=pricehl&query=shido

If you would like anymore info just drop us an email.


Oil's, Oil's, Oil's But What's the Difference

Posted by Morrison Bhp on June 24, 2015 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

 photo 20150624_152752_zps6eq6vmxs.jpg

We offer many brands of oil, below I pick three semi synthetics and three fully sythetics and give some details and facts on that product.


If there is one thing we know its oils, bit of a strange oil obsession going on here.


I'll try not make this to technical but give you some info on the brands and types to make your next oil choice a more informed one, but one thing you need to know is the different oil base stocks below.


Group I - normally processed mineral oil.

Group II, II+ & III - hydroprocessed mineral oils.

Group IV - PAO - polyalphaolefin made from ethylene gas.

Group V - Esters made

Note group IV & V are what makes a full synthetic oil, ester being the best.




                                                                                                                    Semi Synthetic


Valvoline Dura Blend (Semi Synthetic)

Whats so great about this oil, Valvoline Dura Blend contains 30% synthetic base oil in the blending of the product.

Valvoline actually uses a unique mixture of Group III, IV and V base oil stocks for synthetic base oils, in other words this is quality stuff.

Good price to at €36.99 for 4litres Inc filter



ELF Moto 4 Road (Semi Synthetic)

ELF is one of the biggest oil companies in the world, this oil is a great mix a good rock soild part synthetic oil and at only €34.99 bargain. (inc filter)



Motul 5100 (Semi Synthetic)

This is my favorite of the part synthetic oils because its ester based. Ester is the best oil base stock available, used in jet engines.

Ester leaves a film on surfaces providing a thin protective film which is better for morning & cold start ups. Over all better film strength so it takes a lot longer for the oil to drain off metals and bearings, this prolongs your bikes engine life.

Wort the extra few Euro's IOM at €44.99 for a 5litre drum



                                                                                                                     Fully Synthetic

Motul 300V Road Racing 100% Synthetic

This is prob the highest grade and best oil on the market its used in alot of the Moto Gp bikes even tho the bikes are sponsored by other oil brands. Lubricant for race bikes "100% synthetic – Double Ester" that says it all. Alot of the road racers we supply would opt for this one.

Quality  comes at a price €69.99 4litre inc K&N oil filter



Ipone R4000RS (Fully Synthetic Ester Based )

Ipone might not be a name of an oil you would of offen heard of, they are French just like Motul and use Motul oil base stocks. They mainly only make oils for bikes and are the main suppliers of oil & lubes to the Moto Gp Red Bull Rookies class. There oils are of a high grade & are one of few manufacturers  that make 100% synthetic oils. This R4000RS again just like the the Motul 5100 above, it is ester based but this being a fully synthetic.

Great price for a fully synthetic oil of this qualty €49.99 4ltre.



Valvoline SynPower (Fully Synthetic)

Valvoline is a huge brand in the US but not a lot of it floating around this side of the world. Again nothing fancy with this, its just a good soild oil but if your in need of a fully synthetic oil at a good price you wont go far wrong with Valvoline at €47.99 4litres. inc oil filter




You might be wondering why didnt Castrol feature on the list or why dont we sell it, info here -


The above is just a little insight into some of the oils we carry.

If you need any info on any of our oils just drop us an email.



Fully Synthetic Oil, Or Is It?

Posted by Morrison Bhp on December 29, 2014 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (1)

If you are buying fully synthetic oil thinking its 100% synthetic, think again.

Without going to technical on how oil is refined and the different groups which make up the different oil types..


Fully synthetic oil costs quite a bit more than semi synthetic oils, but mineral oil is probably all our going to end with, well that and a label stating fully synthetc.


Castrol is the reason why an oil can call themselves fully synthetic and not be so, "hydro-cracked" being the resaon why.

Hydro cracked oils being just group  III mineral oil, were as fully synthetic oils should be IV, V.


Group I - normally processed mineral oil.

Group II, II+ & III - hydroprocessed mineral oils.

Group IV - PAO - polyalphaolefin made from ethylene gas.

Group V - Esters made


A number of years ago Hydro-cracked materials became widely available in the marketplace after Mobil took Castrol to court in America over the claims that their oil was a synthic when formulated with hydro-cracked stocks.

The American court ruled against Mobil & as such opened the “flood gates” for the oil industry to call hydro-cracked stocks synthetic everywhere except in Germany.


When buying an oil that is fully synthetic look for an oil 100% fully synthetic or ester based this is the highest grade of oil you can get.

Be carefull as a result of various legal procedures to what may be called "synthetic" the oil industry now more or less has found a way of describing grade 3 mineral oils (hydro cracked) as synthetic.



We have been aware of this along time and customers of ours often ask about Castrol fully synthetic, we are not in the game of selling a product known its not what they claim it to be for the sake of making a sale.

Do I think they are ripping people off? yes, would I pay and use it? nope. We dont even sell Castrol fully synthic just there semi synthic Power 1.


Castrol are not the only brands using the hyro cracked oils so be carefull,

Our oil range here- http://www.morrisonbhp.net/apps/webstore/products/category/361038?page=1

If you need any info on our oils just drop us an email.


Motorcycle Tubless Puncture Repair Kits

Posted by Morrison Bhp on March 27, 2014 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (2)



We carry a great range of motorcycle puncture repair kits & pumps.

Our best seling brand is Stop & Go, we sell both the Pocket & the Deluxe kits both are one the best on the market today from our experience.

Also we do your standard tubless strip type puncture kits and kits with the Co2 inflation kit all prefectly easy to store under the seat of any motorcycle.



Full range of our motorcycle puncture repair kits can be viewed here --> Motorcycle Puncture Repair Kits Ireland



Free UK Delivery on Orders Over 60Euro

Posted by Morrison Bhp on March 20, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Due to the growing success of our webstore and the ever growing number of customers from the UK we can now offer free delivery on all orders over €60 to mainland UK.

Our courier prices have come down yet again and we are passing the saving on to the customers.


For orders under €60 please contact us for best prices possible as small items can be sent with An-post from €1.80.

As always free delivery on everything in Ireland.

If you need a quote for your country please contact us.


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